Anyone who goes to the shooting range should not carry his pistol (s) better open, that tells you the house. The law even more. From Helikon-Tex  – HERE in our interview – there is now an elegant possibility to stow away your pistol, the Pistol Wallet.

Review: Helikon-Tex Single and Double Pistol Wallet

Here in the picture Single- (in Adaptive Green) and Double (in Shadow Gray) Pistol Wallet next to each other. Both are lined with velcro velcro, the single wallet even on both sides. Very practical and very individual things can be organized.

Review: Helikon-Tex Single and Double Pistol Wallet

Thanks to the supplied magazine and gun inlays, everything can be stowed well and stationary. In the Double Wallet are, of course, two gun holders and a triple magazine holder. The Velcro is independent in the interior design and can be used to mount weapons and magazines with the Velcro attachments, for example, in backpacks with modular Velcro surfaces.

Review: Helikon-Tex Single and Double Pistol Wallet

The Double Wallet has less Velcro velcro, but it is equipped with a bag. In this bag are five rubber boots for magazines, torches or other things.

CONCLUSION : A very well-processed product from the new “Rangeline” by Helikon-Hex. From the outside very simple, simple in the interior and through the Klettflächen very modular. The wallets are suitable not only for guns and light bulbs + ammunition but also for other things such as tablets, due to their lightweight padding.

Courtesy of SpartanAT

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