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Review: Hill People Gear Runner’s Kit Bag
Mike Durand

What do runners think about when they run? The distance? How their bodies are aching? The XL King Arthur Supreme pizza and 18 pack of Coors Light they’re going to destroy post-run? Those are all likely scenarios, but someone must have also thought of how to conceal carry their pistol while running. Enter the Runner’s Kit Bag by Hill People Gear, designed from the ground up to give the wearer the ability to discreetly carry a pistol while running in urban areas. As a disclaimer, I didn’t buy one for that reason because as I told my wife, I have zero interest in reliving the PT runs back in my active duty days in the 82nd Airborne. I simply wanted an efficient way to carry items I used frequently, in a readily accessible manner. The fact that I could put a pistol in it was an afterthought.

Review: Hill People Gear Runner’s Kit Bag
No PALs loops, no Velcro panels for patches, nothing overtly military on the Runner’s Kit bag. Low profile is the name of the game here.

At first, it went with me on camping trips to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. I used it sparingly, primarily relying on my pockets as I have always done. It wasn’t until I ran out of pockets that the Runner’s Kit Bag really demonstrated its worth to me, not only as a place to store my junk but as a viable carry option.

Review: Hill People Gear Runner’s Kit Bag
One lonely strip of Velcro.

The Runner’s Kit Bag is thin and lightweight at 1” thick and 0.81 pounds. But just like with competitive eater Takeru Kobayshi, appearances can be deceiving. At 11.5″ x 7.5”, this bag can hold a shit ton of hotdogs.

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