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Review: Kershaw Siege Tomahawk 
Fifty Shades of FDE

I’ve always wanted a Tomahawk, so it seemed meant to be when I got the Kershaw Siege to review.
Why do I need one? Well that’s probably why I never got around to buying one. I don’t go out into the woods much and am a city slicker for all intents and purposes.

Review: Kershaw Siege Tomahawk

Technical specs on the Kershaw Siege:
Model: 1073X
Material: Steel with Black-Oxide Coating
Handle: Full Tang, Rubber Overmold with K-Texture Grip
Blade: 4″
OAL: 16″
Weight: 2lbs 4oz (with scabbard)

Review: Kershaw Siege Tomahawk

The Siege came right in time for me to deal with a pair of trees that have been giving me grief for a few years. These trees are parasitic, nobody planted them, they grow like weeds and were damaging my neighbor’s fence. With the help of my father-in-law, the trees were chopped down and all that’s left are stumps, which I haven’t had the chance to use root killer on. In the meantime, the pair decided to make a comeback. I would normally use loppers to deal with the endless amount of branches that spawned, but the Siege seemed more appropriate (and fun).

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