Editors note: Article originally published on Breach Bang Clear by BBC-Guest.

For those shoot a lot and train often, the Magpacker is something you wish you had years ago! Speed loaders have been around for some time but, in my experience, they were bulky and sometimes you were better off loading with your fingers. I’d seen the Magpacker on facebook and Instagram for some time but never got around to ordering one. I happened to have a conversation with Brian, Co-owner/operator of Magpackers, on Instagram, and he asked if I’d be interested in a sample of their new Second Generation Polymer Magpacker. Of course, I said yes! He also told me about their company. “A little about us and Magpacker: both of us owners are Navy veterans. Everything we have is made here in Texas. We have a 9,000 square foot facility and nothing is outsourced.”

I do my best to support companies that operate and make their products here in the US of A. These companies know their labor and overhead will cost more, but they’re employing Americans, supporting their local communities and helping our economy.

The following week, I received a rectangular cardboard box with “Magpacker” printed on it. In the box was the Magpacker and pushing block. The Gen2 Polymer Magpacker is very compact and solid. The polymer is very dense, giving it a feel of durability. I ordered mine in FDE, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me. The feeding tray is big enough to fit 30ish rounds. It could be bigger, but I wouldn’t trade that for its compact size.

So how well does it actually work? In short, very well. For someone who had never used one before, it was very straightforward and I loaded my first 30-round Pmag in less than 30 seconds.

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