If you need a solid low-profile slick plate carrier, you should check out the new Gen 4 from Perroz Designs. Made from 500D nylon Cordura, the ‘slick’ is very lightweight, and will carry standard SAPI medium plates (9 ½ x 12 ½ inches).

One of the greatest features of this plate carrier is the option to attach a chest rig to it with the two included ITW QASM buckles. There are three different mounting-height options to fully adjust the height of the pouches.

I have attached my Mayflower UW Gen VI – Pusher Chest Rig on it, and it fits perfectly. It is also very comfortable and easy to adjust to your size. This is the kind of slick plate carrier I would have loved to have had when I deployed to Afghanistan. Having the ability to quickly attach and detach a chest rig would’ve made my life way easier while working on a MRAP. Its ergonomic fit makes it very easy to conceal beneath a jacket while still giving you enough space to breathe, even with the SAPI.

Mayflower UW Gen VI
A Mayflower UW Gen VI – Pusher Chest Rig attached to the Slick Plate Carrier.
Perroz Designs Low-Profile Slick Plate Carrier
Easily concealable beneath a jacket.

The integrated small admin pouch is ideal for carrying a small map or any other items that you may need to access quickly. The pouch is Velcro sealable and has three small internal elastic loops to hold items such as pens or markers.

The cummerbunds are fully elastic and very well stitched. There are also two Velcro One-Wrap loops for routing communications wire and hydration tubing.

The slick is available in 15 colors! The price varies as you add options such as removable shoulder pads and rear-carrier options. However, it starts at a modest $200 and goes up to $295.

Perroz Designs Low-Profile Slick Plate Carrier
The Slick Plate Carrier in black. Courtesy of Perroz Designs.

The Slick Plate Carrier is made in Canada, and the quality is fully guaranteed. You can buy directly on Perroz Designs website.

Perroz Designs Low-Profile Slick Plate Carrier
The Slick Plate Carrier in Ranger Green. Courtesy of Perroz Design.