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Review: the Q Half Nelson

It’s a short, squat, no-holds-barred .308 performer.

Mike the Mook

And in this cornerrrrrr, from Q’s Seacoast Wrestling Association, we have Kevin Brittingham’s Half Nelson!

The Q Half Nelson is an all titanium full auto rated direct thread rifle suppressor less than 7″ long and weighing a hair over 12 oz. This is a well performing, cutting edge silencer. We see this particular can as having two potential missions:

  1. For long range precision rifle shooter who wants to keep things quiet while minimizing any shift in his or her POI.
  2. For folks who shoot .300 BO and want a rifle can that can deal with the supers as well as the subs.

Noet: if you want to get your hands on one, you gotta go through Silencershop. They have the initial distribution for Q*.

So, as you may recall earlier this year, we took a look at the El Camino rimfire can. While we liked it, we wanted to test out something bigger (that’s what she seems to always say). Thankfully the guys at Silencer Shop know we have a fondness for .30 caliber rifles and sent us a Half Nelson to test out so we could get a review out as soon as possible.

These cans may not yet be on the website, so check back often or subscribe to Silencershop’s email list to stay current.

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