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Review: RMJ Tactical Little Bird
Craig Metzger

RMJ Tactical has been in the tomahawk and knife business for over 27 years. The tools that RMJ releases are well known in special operations circles, law enforcement and fire departments. Besides being popular in those groups, individuals into bushcraft and self reliance have taken interest in their products. RMJ has redefined the tomahawk and built on its multi-functionality. Sure you can use it as a weapon, but its real beauty lies in its capability as an effective breaching tool.

My first experience with an RMJ Tomahawk was when I got to use retired SERE instructor/now bushcraft-survival teacher Terry Barney’s RMJ Shrike. He explained that this hawk was part of his firefighter kit and vehicle go-bag. He went on to tell me how he used it as a breaching tool and even let a few students of his use it to dismantle a car for a survival course (pull everything you need from a car for a survival scenario). As soon as he was done telling the story, I took the tomahawk and began to flay a car door. I was sold; I had never seen a tomahawk or hatchet cut metal with such ease. And after a few whacks, the hawk remained sharp. Sign me up.

That very night I went to my bunk and looked up RMJ. As I was perusing the site like some housewife shopping for yoga pants, I noticed the price tag…oh damn. There’s that saying, “buy once, cry once”, but I just couldn’t justify $500 on a tomahawk. But it was on my list, and I began to follow RMJ through their social media channels and read or watched reviews.

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