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Review: US Palm Cargo Cuff
Alexander Crown

Lately I’ve been wearing pants that don’t lend well to my usual daily carry items. Of course I still want to have those items with me, so naturally I started to look for a solution. Along the same lines, sometimes I don’t like to appear as prepared as I am to the general public. I know when I see someone with a knife and flashlights sticking out I assume they also have a pistol to go with those items. So in an effort to not display multiple pocket clips I purchased the US PALM Ankle Cargo Cuff.

US Palm describes the Cargo Cuff like this:

While the availability of contemporary Every Day Carry gear expands, the options to organize and even compartmentalize have not. The Ankle Cargo Cuff expands your on-body gear carrying capacity to a new level. During travel abroad, relocating high-value items from the places they’re normally expected, pickpockets, thieves, and other extortionists are thwarted. If the occasion requires formal dress, jingling pockets full of gear is a no-go, but rapid access is still necessary. In today’s more security conscious climate, while cursory searches and inspections regularly restrict access while possessing EDC gear, ankles are an often-overlooked area of a search. The Ankle Cargo Cuff is also the platform on which our Ankle IFAK was developed.

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