This past October my wife and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary and as a gift, she put together a ‘man can’ of my favorite gun goodies. Included in this was a set of Walker Razor earmuffs. I had wanted new a set of electronic muffs for some time. My last set grew a pair of legs between moving from Camp Lejeune back to Florida. My wife luckily picked up on a few stray comments that I had wanted a pair for some time and took the initiative. I sat on the fence for some time simply because I wasn’t that impressed by my last pair and didn’t know if another pair would be worth it. In reality, I should have invested in a set of Walker earmuffs a long time ago.

Review Walker Razor Earmuffs
External controls and battery door

If you are on the fence about electric hearing protection but are a serious shooter, consider what Larry Vickers says about electronic hearing protection on his website.

“Attending the class without electronic ear protection is brain dead.”

As someone who teaches basic firearms classes to small groups, this isn’t a major concern for me. However, I have noticed students who take my class who wear electronic hearing protection tend to get more out of the class. They also tend to be safer students because they can easily listen to range commands without having to remove their ear pro.

Walker Razor Review

The Razor’s gain their name from their compact nature. The Razor earmuffs are super thin and fold up very easily for storage and carry. They fit into the small pouch of my range bag or into my cargo pants when totally folded up. Tese earmuffs are lightweight but are wired framed without much plastic in their construction.

Review Walker Razor Earmuffs
Compact and Easy To Carry

They are quite comfortable, and I have a big head. Like an XL helmet size head. The Razors fit comfortably without pinching or pulling. The padded earmuffs keep sound out and keep the earmuffs comfortable for extended periods of time.

Speaker Quality

This was a big issue with my first pair of electronic earmuffs. The speaker quality sucked and sometimes made it difficult to understand people. The Walker Razor earmuffs boast two high-definition speakers that made it very easy to hear people, to hear the wind, or to even hear people moving around you.

Review Walker Razor Earmuffs

Since I can pay closer attention to my surroundings I generally feel safer while running a range. No one will sneak up on me mistakenly and create an unsafe situation. As an added bonus there is an input point. This allows a user to plug-in an aux cord and listen to an outside source. I wouldn’t recommend it on the range, but you can listen to music through these speakers. I generally wear earmuffs when I mow the yard or run a weed eater, chainsaw, or circular saw. In those situations, I do enjoy listening to music.

Ear Protection

These Walker Razor earmuffs have an NRR rating of 23dbs. This sufficient for all outdoor use for most small arms. Indoor use of full powered rifles in anything louder than a standard 16-inch barrel 5.56 may want to double up. The loudest weapon I tested was an M92 AK pistol outdoors, and I had no issues. Indoors maybe a bit different. though. These are compact earmuffs that retail in 45 dollar range so you can color me impressed.

Review Walker Razor Earmuffs
It fits my massive Head!

They start sound compression at .2 seconds, so you are never at risk for a shot sneaking through at full volume. Being able to hear your shots as a distant noise is interesting, but you get used to it pretty quickly.

Parting shots

The Walker Razor Earmuffs run off of two double A batteries and have lasted me about 40 hours on one set of batteries. How long they last will largely be determined by how loud you keep the volume since it is completely adjustable.

The control is a single knob that turns the unit on and off, as well as adjusts the volume. It’s simple and easy to use one-handed. The Walker Razor ear muffs are comfortable, easy to use, and incredibly convenient. If you are looking for an affordable and effective set of earmuffs I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest the Walker Razor Earmuffs.