Revision Military recently released a new model of the popular Hellfly ballistic sunglasses. The difference with this model is they have photochromic lenses. As most of you know these lenses darken as the amount of UV rays increases and become almost clear as the UV rays decrease.

This type of lense has been available in prescription glasses for many years. With this new model they are offered without a prescription lense as a base option. If needed they can be ordered with an appropriate prescription lenses. Of course the big plus is they meet the military requirement for ballistic eyewear.

I’ve worn these for several weeks now and I like them. The nose piece is easily adjusted, they weigh very little and don’t have that annoying tendency to slide down your nose. That can be especially irritating when you’re on the range! I found they do work as advertised. If you’ve never used glasses with photochromic lenses you need to be aware that the lenses don’t immediately change quickly or become as dark as they will be after some use. After a few hours in the sun the lenses react better and become darker faster. This is just the nature of the lens when first used and exposed to the sun.

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