2017’s SHOT show was my first time at the famed and prestigious event.  It was overwhelming, exhausting and awesome all at the same time.  On my return trip, I felt I could easily knock out the dozens of appointments and contact meet-ups I had planned in a little over two days.  While the show itself was no less massive, having a year of experience under my belt made things considerably easier to navigate.  Here’s what I saw and thought during 2018’s SHOT show.

Evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Last year, it seemed there were some big, new products dropping.  This year the products that impressed me were improvements on existing ideas rather than bold, new visions.

Notable mentions:

CMMG’s secret stock, as featured on the Guard pistol caliber carbine. Rumored to be for sale around March.

shot show cmmg banshee guard

Tavor TS-12 shotgun

shot show tavor ts-12

TNVC Color-Tac CVA-14 COLOR FRIGGIN’ NIGHT VISION retrofit device!

shot show tnvc color tac


Through expansion, we conquer

The other notable trend was established businesses staying the course and rather than investing heavily in a new direction, simply expanding into markets closely related to their forte’.

Notable mentions:

Geissele releasing their URG-1 (MK16) AR uppers and the amazing R700 trigger (single or double stage)

Nikon’s 3000 yard stabilized rangefinder (and 4000 yard non-stabilized)

Rex Nanorum's 2018 SHOT show review

Seekins Precision’s Havak short- and long-action bolt gun receiver.

shot show 2018 havak seekins

Solid, if not spectacular

While 2018’s SHOT show wasn’t a barn burner, there were a number of products that stood out as pinnacles within established genres.

Notable mentions:

Ranger Proof Arms ELC AR-15

shot show 2018 ranger proof arms

Peltor Sport 500 series electronic ear protection

Sig Sauer P365

shot show 2018 sig p365

The spotlight ma’am, if you can keep it

Any mention of SHOT show 2018 has to include a note about Franklin Armory’s Reformation.  What initially appeared legal genius and marketing perfection (pre-SHOT) turned into a mouthful of ashes when the gun world collectively turned, pointed and mocked the Reformation’s price point and nerf-football proprietary bullet shape.  Also, nerf football accuracy.  Reformation?  I’ll stick with the Orthodox.

-Rex Nanorum