I have a serious problem with the Ridge Wallet. It’s like I don’t even have it in my pocket. This wallet is seriously great it is very minimalist and carries everything I need. I used to carry this big bulky wallet (insert photo of comparison) and had the bad habit of packing every single business card and membership card I had ever owned. Hell, I still had my membership card for the “Gentleman’s Club” Tobie’s from my infantry school days at Camp Geiger several years ago. Because of this, my wallet was bulky and uncomfortable to the point it was causing back pain if I tried to sit down with it. Enter the Ridge wallet, which solved all my wallet issues with great looks and utility.

Ridge Wallet | A modern mans minimalist wallet

As soon as I unboxed this wallet I was a bit skeptical thinking, “no way will that carry everything I need” but it does. It helped cut down everything I need to about 6 cards, though it will hold 12. It has a cash clip with the option of ordering a cash strap for it. As I said earlier it will hold up to 12 credit cards or ID cards and fits comfortably in gym shorts or jeans. I opted for the gray aluminum version, which looks just as good in jeans or with a suit and is low enough profile to be mostly unnoticed in dress slacks. The best feature, in my opinion, is the RFID blocking technology the Ridge features. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of RFID theft it has to do with the small chip in DOD ID cards, most new credit cards, gate passes, etc. Long story short a criminal walks past you and can scan full or partial info off these chips from inside your pocket and steal information. With carrying a DOD card most of the time it gives me additional peace of mind when I’m in crowded environments with my wallet.

Overall the wallet is something most men own and never think of. It’s a utilitarian piece of leather that very few consider in their daily lives but carry around all day. The Ridge Aluminum Wallet solves many of the issues the old “dad wallet” creates. It is a sleek minimalist wallet that mitigates a lot of extra things carried and fits in at a nice bar or hiking the trails.

Author – Tanner Hodges is an Active Duty Marine Infantryman currently serving as a Platoon Sergeant with 3dBn 2d Marines. He holds two infantry MOS’s (0351/0365) and has completed Infantry Small Unit Leader’s Course, and Advanced Infantryman Course. He has trained in Mountain Warfare, Desert Warfare, and Jungle Warfare all around the globe.