I had the privilege of running by the Rifle Dynamics shop a couple of weeks ago when I was out in Vegas, and it was a great visit.

Jim Fuller and the crew at Rifle Dynamics take an approach that is refreshingly different than the one taken by most of the businesses just 20 minutes away on the Las Vegas strip. Rather than focusing on glamour and luxury, Fuller set out in pursuit of a different animal entirely: refinement. And not in the black tie, elegant, consummate gentleman sense—the trial by fire, reworking, purifying kind of refinement. The kind that turns something into what it was meant to be. If that evokes an image of blacksmithing in your mind, he would suggest that’s because it’s more like blacksmithing than gunsmithing sometimes. It’s a part of the job he enjoys.

Fuller has been successful in his endeavor, as anyone from Travis Haley to Colion Noir to ex-Spetsnaz operators will tell you. These guns are what the AK has the potential to be.

The most obvious difference between an RD AK and any other one that you’ll ever pick up is the balance. Fuller started off the RD venture by teaming up with Venom Tactical on a gas system design that would shave a full pound off the front of the rifle, thus shifting the center of gravity back towards the shooter to a drastic extent. The result? Much smoother transitions, less “over-swinging” when moving from target to target and exceptional “balance” while shooting compared to a typical AK. Naturally, armchair haters didn’t like the idea, but anyone who actually used it loved the difference.

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(Featured image courtesy of pinterest.com)