For those who are into the precision rifle community, we all know the importance of a rifle rear bag.  Not only are they great for  positional support, but they are a shooters necessity in the prone position.  The added support and being able to elevate the rifle ever-so slightly without adjusting the bi pod legs is key.

I recently came across the a rear bag company, Wiebad, located out of Texas and had them design one specifically for me with the Reaper 33 logo.  I have used plenty of rear bags, but none like the extremely light weight rifle rear bag produced by Wiebad.


As soon as the package came in the mail, I took it out to the range to test out its durability, reliability, etc.  The bag comes in at a total weight of 3.6 oz, and the quick attach is a must have.  Typically when maneuvering around obstacles, running, crawling, etc. the rear bags weight can be quite a distraction and nuisance  especially when it’s banging around on all of your equipment and person.  With this bag only weighing 3.6 oz, I hardly noticed it was there, even when attached to the butt-stock of the rifle.  The quick attach is capable of attaching to the rear of the shooters butt-stock  or to an attachment on a combat shooters belt (a review to come shortly).

The durability of the bag was also a shock.  As light as the bag is, some may seem skeptical to its longevity.  After running combat simulated test on the bag, it remained functional just as it was the day I took it out of the box.