Most people whose work or hobby dictates long gun involvement sooner or later discover that a good quality optic is a must have option in the application tool box. But end users are faced with two issues when it comes to picking and using a reliable optic, which they also require to be adoptable and functional.

One, is that such an optic should be decided on among the fluff and commercials of daily release of weapon furniture on the market. That is, deciding what you need and why, versus what looks cool.

The other, is that the weapon optics market, be it red dots, riflescopes or magnifiers, often fall into two categories: The cheaper, not so reliable imports which fit the bill for a time, and a high end brand name which is often unattainable, albeit necessary.

But no longer.

A robust selection found online

If you haven’t heard of Riton USA Optics yet, it’s only because the company has applied as strong a moral value to their marketing, as they have to their production. And they have only been in business since 2013.

Despite that, Riton has already proven themselves with a dependable product line, which offers top of the line quality, an array of options, and at a very competitive price.

Riton can proudly say that they are a US company. Located in scenic Tucson, the company is operated and owned by military and law enforcement veterans.

The optics are made of higher quality Japanese glass than you will find with a lot of other manufacturers. Riton’s end-user to end-user approach in design results in products which are intuitive, tactically-minded, and maintain customer-focus.

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