Rock Island’s TCM series of affordable yet high quality 1911’s are unique because they are all combination pistols.  They shoot the ubiquitous 9mm round but also the new and exotic 22 TCM.  22 TCM has the potential of being the first real self-defense .22 round.  My last review of Rock Island’s unique entry into the 1911 market is their target, high capacity model.

Rock Island’s Target Full Size (FS) High Capacity (HC) combo 22TCM/9mm 1911 (a mouthful I’ll shorten to “TCM HC Target”) comes packaged just like its brothers in the series.   My sample came with the gun, two fired 22 TCM casings, a 9mm barrel, recoil spring, sight adjustment tool and allen wrenches.  Finish was also the same, traditional parkerized finish with no blemishes and even application throughout.  The Rock Island Armory’s logo (forward of the hammer, left side of slide) stand out.  “TCM” is roll stamped on the forward right side of the slide.

Many of the observations I had shooting this gun were similar to the Full Size High Capacity model which is identical to this gun the biggest difference being the target style adjustable rear sight.   The TCM HC Target was the most accurate of all the TCM pistols I shot.  I reliably shot three four inch groups with 22 TCM at 10 yards free hand and smaller with 9mm.


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