A number of years ago, I was tired of giving out hours of free advice and spending significant time assisting others in building rifles.  I decided it was time to put the weapons expertise I had learned as a Ranger to my benefit, go legit and pick up my FFL.  I opened up a shop in my 350 square foot garage and got to work.  In short time I went from a standard type 1 FFL (dealer) to adding on my class 3 SOT.

While the shop was never intended to be a million dollar operation, it did turn a few bucks in profit despite operating in a very limited commercial environment.  When I closed down the shop sometime later, it was due to a variety of issues.  One of those was the ever-increasing probability that my very limited expertise in paperwork, record-keeping and legal interpretation could spell doom for me, both professionally and legally.  If I planned to stay in the game, I would have needed some support navigating such waters as ATF compliance.  I couldn’t afford a lawyer and didn’t have a trusted source online, all the courses seemed like a cheap cash grab.

Enter RocketFFL.com.  Owned by former Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner, his credentials also include being a gun law-centric lawyer, industry professional, best selling author and a university professor.  He also owns MaydaySafety.com, an emergency reaction and communication tool.  The courses offered range from getting your FFL and class 3 SOT to ATF compliance, international dealing and employee training.  I’m not affiliated with the site or the owner professionally, I just know how daunting the paperwork aspect of being an FFL can be and think having a seasoned voice to help guide someone through the process could certainly be useful.

In the below video (podcast), Cleckner discusses the website from the: 30-second mark to 4:24 before moving on to other topics.

After that, head to RocketFFL.com to see if this would be a helpful resource related to getting, or keeping your FFL.

Rex Nanorum

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