I was given the opportunity to try out the Rockwell Coliseum Fit watch. Previous to this I had never heard or Rockwell Time before but after doing a little research I was eager to give it a go. I have been looking for a fitness watch that I didn’t have to link to my phone so the timing was perfect.

Out Of the Box

The first thing that I noticed when I took the watch out was how beefy and heavy feeling it was. I mean this watch is stout, this not your dainty Fitbit or apple watch at all. I have tried the Fitbit and currently sport the Apple watch. Those are almost too nice to take to the gym and abuse them. While the Coliseum Fit does look great, it boasts a unique stadium-style double bezel which will take a beating and then ask for more.


Rockwell talks about their CradleFit™ bracelet with a proprietary Prismatic Cell dorsal texture for ultimate comfort and performance. All I know is that it feels like this watch was personally designed for my wrist. I like the thickness of the band and how it tapers from 30MM at the bezel down to 20mm at the end.


Rockwell Coliseum Fit Kryptek Yeti | Tracking without the tether
Kryptek Yeti

Setting up the Coliseum Fit was a breeze. Rockwell made this even easier on their website with a six plus minute video that walks you through setup from the date/time, to your personal information (height, weight, stride length) for the fitness aspect of the piece. There wasn’t a need for me to set alarms, I still do use my phone for certain things, although I think the thing that I like the most is that I didn’t have to pair it to my phone. I just set it up and away I went, it was nice to leave the phone and just disconnect for a while.

Rockwell Coliseum Fit Kryptek Yeti | Tracking without the tether
Fitness Tracking

The Rockwell Coliseum Fit handled everything that I could throw at it and then some. With the correct stride length inserted the step counter was pretty darn accurate. Two thumbs up from this gym goer.

Specs courtesy of Rockwelltime.com:

  • Case Size: 49mm
  • Band Width: CradleFit™ / Prismatic Cell 30mm tapering to 20 mm
  • Materials: ABS/PU
  • Lens Material: PMMA
  • Water Resistance: 10 ATM
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Dual Time / Chronograph with Lap/Split, Countdown Timer, 8 Alarms, Step Counter (activity tracker), Calories Burned

Case size: 49mm
Band Width: Cradle Fit / Prismatic Cell 30mm tapering to 20 mm
Lens material: puma
Water resistance: 10 atm
Dual time/chronograph with lap/Split, countdown timer, 8 alarms, step counter (activity tracker), calories burned