Practice makes perfect. Safe practice is even better. Bill Rogers’ Tap Rack Training Aid (TRT) was developed to safely practice dry fire and reloading drills with the magazine in place. It keeps the slide from locking back and provides visual confirmation that there is no pesky ammo present so you can keep your dry practice quiet.

The TRT replaces dummy rounds for immediate action drills (tap, rack, fire). This lets the shooter reseat the magazine in the pistol, rack the action, and then accomplish the dry fire exercise. Less wear, no more loading, picking up or losing ejected dummies. No damaged dummies locking up your gun. No chance that a live round can be introduced.

When loaded into an empty magazine, the TRT will position the follower so that it will not engage the slide stop. Its low profile allows the slide to pass over it without stripping it from the magazine.Tap Rack Training Aid (TRT)


For practicing reloading, start with an unloaded magazine to lock the slide back. At the start signal release the empty magazine and insert the magazine with TRT. Drop the slide and complete the dry-fire snap on target. With immediate action drills, start with the TRT magazine not completely seated. Dry-fire the action and upon the “click” of the hammer or striker, seat the magazine, rack the slide, and complete the dry-fire action. For standard dry-fire practice with magazine seated, simply insert the magazine with TRT and operate the slide to cock the action before each presentation and dry-fire. To remove the TRT from the magazine, use a pencil or any small tool and engage the small port molded in the top of the TRT.

They issue these at the famous Rogers Shooting School. I have used both calibers for thousands of dry-fire repetitions. They make practice much easier and faster. I brought a 20 pack and gave them to my friends who shoot slower than me. My friends who are fast are on their own.

Ships in packs of three, 20 and 100

3-Pack $5.00
20-Pack $10.00
100-Pack $40.00

Caliber Sizes:
9mm/.40 cal – Orange
.45 cal – Yellow

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