Whether you are a Military, LEO, security, or a competition shooter, your choice for a battle belt is one to be made with no small consideration.  A good belt needs to be versatile, rigid, easy to take on and off, and shouldn’t add too much bulk to the other gear you use to get the job done. The Ronin Tactics Task Force belt has these traits and more.

Ronin was created by Tu Lam, a former Special Forces soldier who refers to himself as a Ronin, masterless warrior. He did a little bit of everything during his career in the Army and brings that experience to his products. The first thing I noticed about the belt when I unpackaged it was how sturdy and rigid it felt. For those who haven’t used a battle belt before, rigidity is an often overlooked but extremely important aspect because of the possible weight of the equipment that you might need to attach to the belt. Equipment such as your sidearm, magazines, medical pouches, radios, pyro etc. requires a sturdy platform for comfortable wear. There is a non-rigid portion of the belt where the male portion of the Cobra buckle is attached which allows the user to adjust the length of the belt based on waist size.

The Task Force belt comes with a rigid Velcro (pile side) inner belt, which is fed into the belt loops of the user’s pants and holds up the pants as a normal belt would. The outer belt has a Velcro lining (hook side) which then attaches to the inner belt. This system, combined with a sturdy cobra buckle makes putting on and removing the belt very simple and quick. The heavy-duty MOLLE attachments which ring the entire outer belt offer plenty of real estate for attaching any pouches, holsters, and other gear you would want accessible and on your waist.

The belt also contains a load-bearing steel loop and can function fully as a rigger’s belt, making it ideal for helicopter and repel operations. Its heavy-duty construction is built with heavy use and longevity in mind. I’ve been using mine for nearly 3 years now without any noticeable performance decrease. My one complaint with the belt is that the Velcro on the outer belt does not cover the entire length of the belt. The non-rigid portion of the belt doesn’t have Velcro which means that if you’re at the top end for waist size for whichever length you ordered, there may be some loss of functionality on your right hip unless you sew some additional Velcro on as I have. It’s a slight oversight, probably because there was a concern with making this portion too thick or too rigid which might make it difficult or impossible to adjust the size of the belt.

Conclusion:  As a security professional who trusts this belt on a daily basis, I recommend this belt without hesitation. It has all the basics and many of the accouterments that set it apart from other belts of its type in the industry.

  • Durability – 5/5
  • Design/Use of Space – 4/5
  • Utility – 5/5
  • Comfort – 5/5

Eddy South is a security consultant working in both the government and private sectors, where he works in full-spectrum security operations in austere environments.  Previously he served in the U.S. Army for 10 years as a Combat Engineer, Infantryman and finally Psychological Operations specialist for an SMU.  He is an enthusiastic shooter, boater, snowboarder, gamer and traveler.