Before I do a review on a new piece of gear or order something new for that matter, I always try to do a pretty good amount of research. In the case of the Ronin Tactics Warrior’s Belt, there isn’t much available so I’m here to remedy that.

Ronin Tactics is following the current trend of the market by producing kit that is lighter and smaller than items we have seen in previous years. Think back to the old cartridge belts, duty belts, and other thick molle belts. They have been getting increasingly more modular and lighter up to now.

Ronin Tactics Warrior’s Belt

The Warrior’s belt system is a two-piece belt. The inner belt is meant to be worn like a normal belt through the belt loops. It is two inches tall and fastens to itself at the front by way of hook and loop. The entire outside of the inner belt is fitted with the loop side (soft part) of the Velcro. The loop being on the outside of the inner belt is ideal because it doesn’t get stuck to your shirt or unintentionally cause fraying.

Ronin Tactics Warrior’s Belt

The outer belt measures 1.75 inches tall and has 2 rows of 21 columns of Molle wrapping around the whole belt. The front of the belt attaches to itself by way of a 2-inch cobra buckle with an attached “D” ring. The outer belt can be adjusted a couple of inches either way and is rated with a tensile strength of 7,000 lbs. the inside of the outer belt is fitted with the hook side of the Velcro around the whole thing which allows for a secure fitment around your body.

This system will firmly hold your belt in place without the use of dreaded suspenders. It is very comfortable to wear and stays in place nicely even when you are running and gunning. I’m currently running an HSGI Double Pistol Taco, an HTC Reduced Blowout kit and a kydex holster for my H&K USP Compact. Everything is attached via molle except the holster which is run through 1.75 inch belt loops.

Ronin Tactics Warrior’s Belt

I rarely receive a piece of gear that I have absolutely no constructive criticism to give for. This belt is the exception to that. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the “D” ring was chrome instead of black which is a target indicator but I guess they already fixed that issue because the one I received is black! So don’t mind that in their stock pictures on their page. This belt is truly the standard to which other belts of its kind should be measured against.

They offer belts in sizes from small to extra-large, when measuring for size make sure you measure against your actual skin, kind of like your pants size. Offered colors are Black/Black, Tan/Multicam(Pictured), Coyote/Coyote, and Ranger Green. MSRP is a very reasonable 164.99 and I promise you it is worth every penny. If you already have one then you know it’s the truth. If you don’t already have one, go buy one now.

Wes Nanny is a former Marine and now Law Enforcement Officer in Texas