The RST Steel target is multi use target produced by Renaissance Steel Research of  Wilmington, North Carolina. They are a Veteran owned company that produces more than thirty different steel targets for all styles of shooters. The RST in the name stands for Ready, Ship, Target and it’s the companies hottest selling target to date.

If you’ve never shot steel targets you are truly missing out on one of the most fun ways to practice marksmanship. Properly built steel targets can be invaluable training tools, they provide instant feedback and obviously last much longer than any paper target could ever imagine. The ringing of rounds off of high quality steel targets is music to my ears.

The RST Steel target is built to withstands thousands of rounds and is made of 3/8″ thick AR500 steel. The bullet impact area’s face measures 10″ wide x 20″ long, with a 6″ head section. The target comes disassembled and ships in a United States Postal Service flat rate box mailer. That means shipping charges are almost nonexistent, even to me in Alaska shipping was effortless.

RST Steel Target

Unpacking & Assembly 

The above picture you can see how the target arrives, wrapped tightly in plastic with all the nuts and bolts neatly secured. Despite the United States Postal Services best attempts to destroy the package, the 20+ pound box arrived safe and intact.

Once the clear plastic wrapping is removed assembly is simple and straightforward. Instructions with diagrams are given for those of you who are not mechanically inclined. I inventoried the kit to make sure all of the components were present including the correct number of bolts, nuts and washers. RSR’s shipping department scored high marks for not leaving anything out.

All you need to assemble the RST Target is a 1/2″ socket and a 1/2″ box end wrench, if you don’t have those you can substitute a pair of adjustable jaw pliers. If you have ever tried to assemble television stands or home furniture then you can figure it out from here, bolt goes threw the hole, washer and nuts on the other side. Tighten as needed, its not building the space shuttle, its just a steel target.

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