Rudy Project Rydon glasses use science, advanced materials, and computer technology to create advanced eye protection. They had me at science. Designed to provide total comfort, fog-free performance, and styling, they are unlike any other glasses out there. What is different here is Rudy Project’s indestructible ImpactX-2 lens with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Not impressed yet? They change color to adjust to ambient light.

Do you lack 20/20 vision? Rudy Project has sport reader lenses in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50. Rudy Project’s award-winning ImpactX-2 technology is available in both plain and prescription lenses by digitally surfacing the back side of the lens for edge-to-edge coverage.

Rudy Barbazza founded Rudy Project in 1985. Committed to technology and innovation, Rudy has been a sponsor of athletes at every level of competition in cycling, triathlon events, cross-country skiing, golf, inline skating, and sailing. There are some Olympians and riders in the Tour de France who swear by these glasses.

Forty years ago, the development of CR-39 and polycarbonate revolutionized eye protection. ImpactX-2 is the next step. This family of polyurethane optical polymers was developed for the military when Simula Technologies came up with a new bulletproof, transparent, and lightweight material. The goal was to provide better protection, reliability, and longer-lasting performance than polycarbonate. This new material is used to make AH-64 Apache attack helicopter windshields! Rudy Project takes this stuff out of the Apache and puts it in front of your eyes.

The guys at Rudy Project told us to try to break these lenses. I am going to get medieval on them. Expect fire and tongs and a shotgun blast. Rudy Project isn’t afraid, despite the fact that ‘indestructible’ is a pretty strong claim. Expect a full review in the near future.

So much science in such a light pair of glasses. The heart of the system is the brand new ImpactX-2 lens. These are the latest generation of photochromic and absolutely unbreakable lenses. They automatically lighten and darken from a semitransparent tone to a specific color according to light conditions. If you start in dim light, they are clear. When the sun comes out, they transition to a high-contrast red, black, or brown.

Activation is initiated by any natural light, even if the light comes through windows or car windshields that screen UV rays. High dynamic range filters eliminate wavelength interference, providing more vibrant colors and better contrast. This gives you improved definition and depth perception while maintaining high lens clarity and perfect visual acuity.


The ImpactX-2 lens have 25 percent faster activation than the previous ImpactX lens generation, and have increased photochromic range with up to 65 percent higher performance. These lenses feature quartz scratch-resistant anti-static coatings, which repel dust. Unlike polycarbonate and other materials, the IMPACTX-2 is not sensitive to stress cracking and does not break when subjected to mechanical strains. They have a lifetime guarantee against breakage or cracks.

A unique Rudy Project feature is the fold-in hinge that has no sharp edges. Designed to minimize injury and made of unbreakable material, it is the best solution yet devised for safety in athletics in case of collision, falls, or stray bullet fragments.

Photochromic lenses change color and are polarized to absorb reflected glare off surfaces such as water and ice.


The ImpactX-2 Polarized Photochromic lenses offer great clarity and cut glare, but still allow you to see your digital devices like cell phones and GPS. Rudy Project engineers worked with professional sailing teams to develop a tailored polarization technology scientifically laminated to read onboard polarized GPS LCD screens without compromising clarity, performance, or quality of the lens. Try this with your current glasses.

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Rydon has 360-degree adjustable temple tips custom molded to your head by applying gentle pressure. Rudy Project employs no-slip components for a perfect fit, which virtually eliminates fogging and pinching.


The adjustable nose piece custom fits the glasses to the bridge of your nose and keeps the glasses snug on your face even during violent activities.


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(All images courtesy of Rudy Project)