The Ruger LC380 offers new shooters, especially newer female shooters, a great option for concealed carry. Many women who purchase a firearm for self defense end up with a snappy little .380. They take it to the range once or twice, and find shooting it so uncomfortable that they never try it again.

Ruger LC380 -
Ruger LC380. Photo courtesy of

The Ruger LC380 is built upon the larger frame of the LC9 (as opposed to the small LCP – Ruger’s earlier model .380, which is known for its kick) to make it easier to handle. It also has a dual recoil spring that makes the slide easier to rack (nice for smaller-framed shooters). And, the soft .380 ACP gives the little Ruger a gentle kick.

These features make the Ruger LC380 an attractive option as an introductory pistol, for any new shooter.

by Destinee

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