Over the course of four tours of duty in Iraq, Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was shot twice and and caught in six different IED explosions. The son of a Sunday school teacher and a deacon, Kyle was later awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars, and came to be known as “Legend” among the American soldiers he was tasked to protect. To his enemies, Kyle was called the “Devil of Ramadi,” and there was little question why. By the time he returned home for the last time, the sniper had racked up 160 confirmed kills, making him the most lethal sniper in US military history. Tragedy struck at home when Kyle was murdered at a Texas shooting range.

The 2014 film American Sniper is part biographical war drama, and part tribute to the fallen warrior. Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper as Kyle, the critically-acclaimed film touches on Kyle’s experience in Iraq as well as his adjustment to civilian life. Although the film does take some artistic liberties with the life of a man who is now arguably America’s most famous marksman, some critics praised it for its engaging tale of war and its aftermath. One thing the film did take pains to get correct were the guns used by Kyle and the people around him. We’ve compiled a list detailing many of the arms featured in the film.

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(image courtesy of official movie trailer on Youtube)