Anyone with an internet connection and access to YouTube already knows that Russia is like the Upside Down from “Stranger Things,” in that it looks like the developed world but seems to operate under a very different set of rules. Watching crazy dashcam footage from inside Russian boarders has long been a great way to kill an afternoon, but this footage uploaded to Twitter by a user named Vince seems to show that even marriage proposals in Putin’s Playland aren’t what we’ve come to expect here in the decidedly less-wild West.

In the footage, a group of Russian commandos can be seen pointing pistols and rifles at a decidedly upset couple. They keep the man and woman face down on the hood of their car as the armed men produce what look like bricks of cocaine from the vehicle’s trunk, all the while jabbing at the man with their pistols. Finally, the man reaches into the brick of drugs to produce an engagement ring, prompting the whole crew to step back and applaud while the woman is overcome by either joy or some kind of fear seizure.

Finally, it seems that the woman agrees to marry her lunatic boyfriend, potentially because he hired a half dozen armed goons to oversee the whole operation… or maybe because she’s just as crazy as he is. After all, she didn’t seem all that surprised by the bricks of cocaine in her trunk…

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