I will admit, the title of this post is somewhat provocative. But I think it’s an important question to ask if you are looking at getting into the AK game. Especially here in the US. Let me explain.

The gun community has a bad habit. It will sometimes use two different terms interchangeably that aren’t so: A perfect example of this phenomena is the use of the 1911 and 45 interchangeably. They aren’t. The next time you see someone arguing about what the next US Military service pistol should be, especially if someone is advocating for a return to a 45, are they actually talking about the 45ACP or a 1911 pattern pistol? It’s an important distinction.

The AK is no different. First of all, let me be intellectually honest. When it comes to Russian military units, an AK rifle is whatever they say it is. 5.45, 7.62, AK-47,AK-74, Ak-12. But is that true in the United States? I would say no.

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