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Review – the Emerson Government Mule

Timur Aleksandrovich

A Russki’s View of the Emerson Government Mule

Ernest Emerson and Emerson Knives are well known for their folders; after all, Ernie is credited with creating some of the very first tactical folders, way back in the 1980s. Much has been written about his blades, from the custom knives he made for Navy SEAL teams to the production versions of those. For instance: the ES1-M evolved into the Commander and an ultra-rare CQC-6 that became a production CQC-7, which are some of the most popular and reviewed knives on the planet.

Unknown to many, Emerson also makes a few exceptional fixed blades, both custom and production. By no means will I try to argue that his fixed blades are better or worse than some from other great makers (such as Mick Strider’s and Daniel Winkler’s), but will rather humor you with my humble opinion of one of the newest Emerson models, the Government Mule.

A Russki’s View of the Emerson Government Mule

The Government Mule comes in three versions:

Government Mule A & B folders, full custom, 2013. Version A is spearpoint, version B is tanto ($1200+ street value, auctions/3rd party private sales only. I’ve seen about five of these knives for sales since 2013, a rare collectors item.)

Government Mule fixed blade, full production, 2015 ($299, available online)

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