When I was preparing for my first national airsoft event, I needed to find a “Dead Light”. This is a colored LED Light or glowstick that denotes when you have been hit at night. During the day, you can use a “Dead Rag”, but you can’t see them at night.

The glowstick idea was ok, but I did not want to have to carry a bunch of activated glowsticks around in my pocket (which can make you visible to the other team) .  Additionally, they are a one time use item, I would rather go with a colored LED light that I can reuse many times over… and something that was “Tacitcool”.

I had seen several pictures of real world Operators wearing the V-Lites on their helmets or their equipment. I liked that the V-Lite is small, has a long battery life (120 hours) and has models that can be turned “ON”, “OFF”, and “BLINK”.  The V-Lite also comes in Red, Green, Blue, and IR – giving you several different color options depending on the type of game you are playing.

You can also use the V-Lite as a way to identify teammates from foes, or if you have NVGs, use the IR V-Lite to separate yourself from the other team.

The V-Lite has a plastic backing with Velcro on it. I have placed mine on the top of my helmet, but have seen people run them on their packs. In reality, it is up to you to find the best location for the V-Lite.

If  you are looking for an alternitive to glowsticks and want something a little different out on the field, I would suggest checking these out.


  • Small Size
  • Long Battery Life
  • Reusable


  • Cost
  • Battery is not user replaceable

I purchased my RED V-Lite from Rally Point Tactical for $39.99.  They had all 4 colors and both “ON/OFF” and “ON/OFF/BLINK” available.

– Eric Out!