Thank you, Safariland.  That’s the big summary from my time with the 537 open top concealment holster.  It is the answer to a number of my complaints from other holsters.  My initial impressions can be read here.  Having been able to get some range time with this unit recently, I have more confidence than ever that this holster is the pinnacle of all the concealment holsters I’ve tried thus far in my life.  Below is a short video of my range day.

Sure that’s not the fastest draw you can find on the internet today, but it’s just as fast from this holster that has a retention lock as it is from any of my zero-retention holsters.  By the end of the day, I was drawing significantly faster with a hundred or so live fire draws under my belt.  The few times I’ve forgotten which holster (I don’t normally switch back and forth, it’s for testing) I’m wearing today, going for my gun means bumping my middle finger on the locking switch, a nice reminder of which I’m wearing and how to deactivate it.  The soft “leather” finish is non-abrasive to the skin and presents a slick surface so clothing won’t stick and “print”.  The interior surface is non-marring to your firearms finish.  The 537 rides comfortably and the locking mechanism is secure.

The Safariland 537 is everything I want out of a concealment holster.  For $56 on the Safariland website, this is definitely a worthwhile investment.  If you’re running a plain-jane old wrinkly leather holster, it’s time to jump into the 21st century.