Safariland’s Pro-Fit retention holster is designed for concealed carry. The headline here is that one Pro-fit holster will adjust to carry and retain (with the grip-locking system) a whole safe full of pistols. Now gun owners and retailers can buy one truly adaptable holster for most common guns.

Since 1964, Safariland has pushed the limits of design and technology, providing advanced holsters and other gear to the law enforcement, military, concealment, and competitive sporting markets. Safariland has a well-deserved reputation for innovation and quality in all their products. The Pro-Fit is no exception.

The original design parameters for the 578 project were modest: one holster to fit both Glocks and Smith and Wesson M&P handguns. Once Bill Rogers and his team worked the idea for awhile, they found that the Pro-Fit held more than 60 models of pistols. The final list on the website is 90 guns long. The last time I saw Bill Rogers at the SHOT show, he was walking from booth to booth, putting different pistols in his holster and mumbling to himself, “111, 112, 113….”

I was put in a room with tables of guns and Pro-Fit holsters. I tried it. It really provides a custom locking retention fit for a bunch of different guns. Here is the simple method for sizing: There is a jack screw which shifts the internal locking mechanism, wedging the gun up into the triangular profile of the holster. Put the gun in the holster and tighten the screw until the gun won’t come out. Then, de-activate the grip-locking system and draw. If the gun still won’t come out, loosen as necessary until it does. You now have a perfectly adjusted retention holster.

The holster can be purchased in four lengths or trimmed by the user to the right barrel length for a perfect fit. The 578 GLS Pro-Fit grip-locking system automatically secures the pistol when holstered and releases it upon activation by the middle finger as the hand forms a shooting grip. This provides an intuitive and safe release.

The 578 Pro-Fit holster body is made of SafariSeven™ material. It withstands extremes of heat or cold suitable for a Mars expedition. It is impervious to water, making it useful in terrestrial operations too. It is slick and soft for easy presentations, and is harmless to a gun’s finish. If it ever gets scratched, and that bothers you, a little steel wool makes it shine like new. It is so strong that the Pro-Fit holster is considered one of the thinnest, yet strongest holsters on the market.

Designed for concealment, the Pro-Fit offers easy access for fast presentation from a cover garment. The holster is compatible with any Safariland mounting system. The standard holster includes an injection-molded paddle and an injection-molded belt loop adjustable for fit and comfort. Used with a strong belt, both of these attachment devices will support your body weight if some miscreant attempts to rip your holster off of you. The Pro-Fit may also be worn cross-draw.


“Building on the recent success of the GLS and 7TS™ holster lines, Safariland continues to innovate by combining these two unique features in the 578. As a multi-fit holster, it’s available to a wide variety of our users, making this revolutionary safety-enhancing technology more accessible than ever.”— Scott Carnahan Vice President of Safariland

Every shooter who carries a handgun ends up with a drawer full of holsters after a few years. Guns come and go and you have to try new things. When I get home, I am going to throw out everything in the old holster drawer and put my new Pro-Fit in there.

The 578 GLS Pro-Fit is available in SafariSeven Plain Black and FDE Brown finishes. Buy it now for $55.00.

Check the Safariland website for more information on the 578 GLS Pro-Fit holster.

(Images courtesy of Safariland)