The Safariland Model 71 Single Magazine Pouch has a flexible accordion design which allows a tight, custom fit for magazines, flashlights, knives, and multi-tools. At $15, it may be the best stocking stuffer on the Internet.

I have been carrying one of these for several months. It is the best magazine pouch I have ever used for everyday carry. It works equally well for double-stack magazines such as those for Glocks, or single-stack 1911 magazines. Made of a smooth rubbery polymer, the 71 has elastic retention to hold anything that you can cram into it but the low friction surface for allows for quick access when you need it.

I just got a few more with ELS clips for my duty belt. They are well made, flexible, adaptable, and affordable.

Attachment options:

  • Integrated belt loop (belts from 1.5″ to 2.25″)
  • Hook attachment for concealed carry
  • Bolt attachment for use with quick-attachment systems such as the ELS, QLS, and tactical leg plates
  • MOLLE adaptor

The universal magazine pouch is injection molded. The clever design is elastic and holds anything you put into it. The retention is perfect for concealed carry of magazines. It holds the mag in place with no straps to slow your draw.

You can order one here.
Price: $15
Colors: Black or FDE brown

Featured photo courtesy of the Glock Store Youtube channel