We, as shooters, are always looking for the next leg up in holsters: we want more secure retention, faster draws and lower profiles.  We want better mounting platforms and a softer finish that won’t scratch the finish right off our guns.  We want and we want but few manufacturers come close to meeting all those demands and desires.  After getting a chance to run Safariland’s 7377-7 TS holster for the Glock 17, I’d say we have a clear front-runner.

Safariland QLS Holster System | Review
Photo by Mrs. Nanorum

While Safariland’s use of numerical product listings and similar acronyms might make searching their products a little confusing, actually using their products is amazingly straightforward.  Let me break it down:  the vast majority of Safariland’s synthetic holsters revolve around the 3-screw mounting method.  Forming a “T”, the screw pattern is the same on a number of base plates as well as a variety of holsters.  There are base plates for belts, paddles, molle webbing, drop-legs or static mounts such as in a vehicle then you get to partner it up with the holster of your choice.  You can get one with the Grip-lock system (GLS), Auto-lock system (ALS), or the Self-locking system (SLS).  Some of these holsters also have additional locking options you can add-on, giving higher levels of retention.  The holster and base plate are connected using a small adapter that has three prongs.  It is a quick release adapter so if you would like to swap holsters, guns or mounting platforms you simply pinch the tips of the outside prongs together and slide the holster out.

Safariland QLS Holster System | Review
ALS locking lever pictured in front of the slide. Photo by Rex Nanorum

This is a truly modular system that allows switching between mounting systems and holsters in seconds.  If I’m out hunting I’ll have my sidearm on my riggers belt I can pop off the holster and snap it into the base plate in my vehicle for the drive home, then snap it onto a paddle for concealed carry once I’m back in the city.  Furthermore, it allows for custom Kydex holster manufacturers to produce a holster that is immediately able to tap into the available mounting solutions.  I have a Gladius holster for my Glock 17 that allows me to carry the pistol with a suppressor mounted and attached to any of the available Safariland QLS mounting options.

Safariland QLS Holster System | Review
aftermarket options are available as well. Photo by Mrs. Nanorum

Now that I’m done geeking out over the QLS mounting platform, it’s time we took a look at the specific holster I was able to get for hands-on testing.  I received the 7377 7TS ALS belt slide holster with an additional paddle base for use without a belt.  The 7TS is in reference to the proprietary Dupont (TM) nylon blend named SafariSeven (TM).  This is a very durable material that isn’t abrasive to a firearm’s finish at all.  I’ve worn the tennifer off of a couple of Glocks doing dry-fire practice with various holsters.  This material does feel structurally strong and yet somewhat slick.  The ALS is a fantastic lock.  I’ve always been a fan of the Serpa holster which allows you to use your trigger finger to unlock the handgun prior to drawing.  The ALS feels a bit more intuitive to me, as well as feeling more secure; I mean secure in two ways: 1. The lock is near where your thumb would lay at the start of your draw so it’s out of sight for would-be gun grabbers. 2. The lock isn’t on the outside of the holster where it could be inadvertently disengaged during a fall.

This holster unlocks and draws like a dream.  The handgun is snug and secure when holstered without feeling pinched.  My Glock pops out of the 7377 in a hurry, feeling like the holster is handing it to me rather than me dragging it out kicking and screaming.  The ALS is a very secure system.  If however, you desire further security, (or a department mandates it) I count two more modular locks on the Safariland website that can be added on with ease.  The belt loop and paddle are both very comfortable options and hold tight when you need them to.  They are more comfortable and reliable than other companies offerings I’ve owned in the past.

The 7377 7TS ALS by Safariland is a straight-up winner in my book.  the modularity, comfort, wealth of options and perfect execution of a holster done right have shown me the path in sidearm homes.  I’m going to be picking up additional holsters for other handguns in my collection.