The economic, political and social scenery of modern urban centers is rapidly changing. This requires civilians to exhibit a constant state of preparedness for the worst. Buying quality body armor is a safe(ty) investment that can be the difference between life and death. Although you should generally avoid any large gatherings of people due to the possibility for a civilian attack and/or quickly escalating violent clashes with police forces – if necessary, it’s always better to be equipped with a protective vest in such situations. Level IIIa vests are lightweight enough to allow you to move quickly, but cover all weapons you are likely to encounter. In addition, they can be fitted with ceramic or metal plates to increase the level of protection if things get particularly bad.

As the number of violent incidents in the US rapidly grows – wearing body armor is becoming a necessity. And this applies not only for police officers, security guards and military operatives, but for civilians as well.

Investing in soft body armor is something to consider as you may find yourself in a situation that calls for its use. Recent advancements in the design and materials used have allowed for carriers to become lighter and more comfortable. This means even people, who are not used to wearing a protective vest, can take advantage of the available models on the market.

If you’re considering whether to purchase a ballistic vest for your own protection, there are various low profile carriers to choose from. Being adequately prepared against the types of threats you are likely to face in an urban environment can be the difference between life and death.

Being aware of your surroundings as well as being adequately equipped are the two elements that make up urban preparedness. In addition to sporting suitable gear, it’s important to always have an exit strategy for every place you visit (concert, conference, campuses, large social gathering). Knowing how to react and act in emergency situations will give you the upper hand if something happens.

It is worth installing an app like Rescuer on your phone. It allows you to set a customized key phrase, and Rescuer will hear it and immediately send out emergency messages (+ GPS coordinates) to pre-set emergency contacts. Its Volume button toggle lets you silently call for help by pressing your phone’s volume buttons in a secret pattern—Rescuer will send your GPS coordinates without you having to utter a word. There is even a remote location tracking option, so family and friends can send a quick text to Rescuer to find out your location and safety status.

The bottom line is that you can’t be sure whether or not you will find yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation at any given moment. Being prepared is part of the strategy to stay alive and safe. Body armor can significantly increase your chances of survival both in your line of work and in an urban setting, but you need to learn to rely mostly on your skills, speed and ability to plan ahead. Use body armor as an addition to your survival strategy and it will fulfil its intended use.

Always have a plan and discuss with your family and friends who you’ll call and rely on in an emergency situation – this will create a safety network of people you can count on if something happens. It would be a mistake to simply go ahead and purchase the highest available level of body armor then walk around in full gear. In urban areas your best bet for survival and staying safe is to attract the least amount of attention possible, be confident in your abilities and skills to reach adequately and quickly, and carry suitable protection. Carefully consider what types of threats you are likely to face in the place you are visiting, and select your body armor based on that to ensure maximum protection.

Courtesy of SafeGuard Armor