First impressions are the rule, but the Salming Race 3, in this case, certainly is the exception.  I eagerly anticipated trying out the Salming brand. As a runner who leans towards the natural/ minimal side of the spectrum Salming products offer a happy medium especially when considering a race platform, with their “no nonsense running” approach to building their shoes.

Salming is a Swedish brand named after the legendary professional hockey player Borje Salming.

He was known for his sheer grit and determination, his “no nonsense” approach to sporting products is alluring to say the least.

Before I get too far, I will say that I have held onto this review far longer than appropriate. We are familiar with excuses and what they are synonymous with, and we all know everyone has one. However, there are some positive aspects to my tardiness to churn out a review.

I received my Race3’s from Salming back in July and what my procrastination afforded me was an absolutely brutal and extensive test period.  To date I have well over 300 miles on these shoes. This is how they have performed for me.

According to Salming their specs are as follows:
Model: Race 3

Weight: 185 grams (UK size 8)

Drop: 5mm

Color: Navy/Safety yellow

Gender: Mens

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