Whether you are going through selection, an indoc, a formal SOF/ Infantry school, or deployed to jungle type areas a warm-weather boot that stands up to the elements is essential. Back in the day we had only one true choice for a boot that would be valuable in a hot wet climate. The original Vietnam jungle boot, and as anyone who served in the infantry or SOF groups knows, you immediately found the cobbler on base to replace the  soles with vibram or something similar. To be a valid hot weather boot, it must be made of breathable materials, be able to drain water rapidly and of course dry fast to reduce trench foot and blistering. You may have seen some of my previous posts in search of a decent boot. Now that I am no longer active military but enjoy still doing ridiculous stuff; like a GoRuck challenge, I needed to find a good boot for summer rucks. For winter weather, I wear the Salomon Quest GTX.

The Salomon Jungle boot is similar to the old jungle boot with canvas sides and water drainage holes, but these feel like running shoes. I put on one hundred miles on these boots before my GoRuck Tough Challenge and they required little break-in time. During the GoRuck Challenge we were in the ocean three or four times and the boots drained rapidly each time; good for reducing blisters. The boot is built with rapid tie laces, and I have added the TAC LACE setup for mine, allowing the wearer to hurriedly lace-up and secure the additional laces that most people wrap around the boot before tying. I find the TAC LACE is perfect to assist in not only quick lace-up but also for reducing the ability for your laces to become untied. At the end of the challenge I had no blisters. For an old grunt my feet felt fresh and they were not tired or sore. The soles of the shoe still have excellent traction after all the miles I continue to put on (about 250 now), and the lugs are not as worn down as you would think.

So if you are looking for a excellent boot for your adventures, military training schools, or deployed to a hot-weather climate, these boots are ones you need to try on and take for a walk.


  • Anti-debris mesh upper
  • Nubuck leather and water-resistant textile blend
  • Non-reflective material
  • Mud guard
  • Rubber heel cap
  • Rubber toe cap
  • Heel strap
  • Heel foam
  • Closed hooks
  • Gusseted tongue