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Saturday Screeds: Personal Equipment as a Total System
Russell Phagan

Whether it be for competition or defense, the equipment you use must function together as a total system. Some of these things may seem like common sense, but I consistently see people make the same errors and fail to correct them until (or unless) someone points them out.

This starts at the most basic level with clothing. The clothing you wear should allow for flexibility and a complete range of movement. It should also protect you against the elements and other environmental conditions. I wear long sleeves shooting year round to protect myself from the sun and my arms from hot spent casings and debris on the ground going prone.

Lightweight Arc’teryx knee caps allow me to move more aggressively without injuring myself dropping into positions quickly.

Fingerless gloves allow for dexterity shooting, but also provide protection when navigating obstacles or pushing off the ground.

Boots with ankle support to avoid injury are extremely important.

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