Can you guys remember when SB Tactical and SIG released the first pistol brace? It set the firearms world on fire. People lost their minds and then we could shoulder it! Then we couldn’t. Now we can again! We have come a long way from the original SIG brace. I have my original model and comparing it to the SBA3 is mind-blowing. The SBA3 is the latest and greatest in pistol brace technology. It’s the first completely adjustable pistol brace. It requires and comes with a mil-spec receiver extension that you’d see on any standard AR 15. This carbine receiver extension allows you to adjust the brace’s length as necessary. This allows you to fit the brace to your forearm…or wherever else you may be using it.

SBA3 Specs

The SBA3 is not only different in the fact that it adjusts to five different positions. It outfitted with a QD sling point that’s ambidextrous and it’s so much smaller. The original SIG brace was truly massive compared to the svelte and minimalist SBA3. It looks amazing, and sure looks aren’t everything, but they are something. Pistol braces make certain guns just look complete you know?

Look at the Difference…


When it comes t fitting the brace your forearm I’m a big guy so I extended the SBA3 out to its full length. to fit my forearm. It’s actually much better than the standard brace in my opinion, or at least for me in terms of length. The little extra length is fantastic for a solid fit. Plus I can collapse the stock to make superbly compact for transport and travel. The rubber materials that goes around the arm is actually quite nice and very soft.

Bringing it to the shoulder opens things up a little more. I ended up like the SBA3 so much I bought a second one for my Tac 14. So I ended up giving the SBA3 a run on two completely different platforms. I can say it a bit better suited for the AR pistol that the 12 gauge hand cannon. It was a little rough on the 12 gauge, but that’s understandable.

On the AR pistol, it was an absolute dream. It offers a solid cheek rest and really allows you to dial in on your sights, or if you have an optic on the gun. It’s an outstanding solution to a normally impractical weapon. The collapsing feature and slim design have made it perfect for my go-to backpack AR 15 pistol.


The SBA3 isn’t perfect. It has one slight flaw. The brace doesn’t adjust very smoothly. When its new it required me to really grip and rip it. It’s gotten better over time, but at first, it was either fully collapsed and or fully extended. Moving it to positions 2, 3, and 4 wasn’t happening. When it would finally move it would either slam outwards or collapse fully.


Again in time its gotten a little better, but I still can’t always get it to the right position on the first try. Also, the only other downside is now I had to order another BFG Vickers sling with a QD sling swivel to outfit my AR 15 pistol.

Final Words

This is by far my favorite brace yet.I’ve used the KAK Shockwave, the SBL, the original SB tactical brace, and so far the SBA3 is the best. It’s more versatile, it looks better, and is an overall outstanding option for any pistol that needs to be braced. SB Tactical is pushing the brace game into new territory.