I have survival / tactical / bug out / life kit / go-bags stashed all over the world and I’m giving away 15 of them… If you can find them.

For more than a decade I’ve been doing the “vagabond survival prepping method” of which evolved from stashing small city-specific go-bags around the world as part of my former operative profession. – JOHN V CAIN (Founder of VINJABOND)

This is a giveaway by way of scavenger hunting on a global scale. If you can find and reach them, it’s yours to take.

It won’t be easy. They are securely hidden within populous urban areas with a few exceptions, going back as far as 12 years. Most are easily accessible if you already know it’s there but are meant to be undiscoverable for years.

Each go-bag is strategically packed specifically for the city or terrain they are located in. Regardless, they are all well stocked and useful for the average Vinjabond reader.

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Photo courtesy of Vinjabond