I just recently first heard of the Schrade Fixed Karambit blade while watching a video on SOFREPs Facebook page. Kurt T. was covering his everyday carry when working abroad.

I know when I have traveled both overseas and within the US I typically shy away from carrying anything too expensive. I always like to have a blade on me once I’m at my destination, which requires me to store it in my checked luggage at the airport. Knowing that TSA sometimes has sticky fingers I look for inexpensive yet quality knives that won’t break the bank if they get stolen.

One of those blades is the Schrade Fixed Karambit. You can find this knife online for as little as $19 depending on where you look. The most reliable source I have found for this blade is karambit.com which sells the Schrade SCH111 for $24.99. For $25 you’re really getting a good self-defense tool that is concealable.

Spec courtesy of karambit.com

Overall Length: 6.34” in
Blade Length: 2.97” in
Blade Thickness: 0.134″ in
Blade Material:  9Cr18MoV
Blade Grind: Plain
Handle Length: 3.75″ in
Handle Material: Textured G10
Handle Thickness: 0.134″ in
Weight: 3.04 oz
Color/Finish: Satin

(featured image courtesy of karambit.com)