Here at The Loadout Room you may have noticed a theme among our writing staff, we like to push our boundaries beyond what other people might consider normal. On these excursions, we love to test the limits of the equipment we get to demo and tell you about it. One major reoccurring concern we have when we are out exploring, hiking, and hunting is how to maximize our available storage space.

The problem quickly becomes how we store our necessities like pots, pans, cups and other implements needed to sustain ourselves on these journeys. Former Ranger and current professional dirt bum (his words not mine) Leo Jenkins has been dealing with these, and other complications while he navigates his Dodge van “Falcor” from Alaska to Argentina.

If you don’t already follow Leo, his girlfriend and Falcor you really should. It’s one of the most amazing Instagram accounts I’ve found. It was through Leo’s posts where I first learned about today’s featured product, the Sea to Summit X11 Pot Set.

Sea to Summit makes a wide array of outdoor gear ranging from sleeping bags, pads, tents, and an impressive line of fifteen different collapsible-type camp kitchen accessories. Sea to Summit calls this line of products the X-Line. The X-Line is perfect for the space conscious adventurer, who still wants to maintain functionality in their gear. Let’s take a deeper look at the X11 set from Sea to Summit.

Sea to Summit X11 Camp Set
16 Ounce mugs

Name: Sea to Summit X11 3 piece pot & mug set

Pieces in set:

  • X-Pot Kettle 1.3 Liter capacity
  • Two X-Mugs 16.2 Ounce capacity each

Colors: One available option

  • One Pacific Blue mug
  • One Grey mug
  • Lime Green kettle


  • Mugs: food grade silicone
  • Kettle: Food grade silicone body. 6063-T6 hardened aluminum alloy bottom. Clear plastic lid with spout

Dimensions Collapsed:

  • Kit 1.5″ thick by 6-inch diameter
  • Cups: 1/2″ thick by 4.5-inch diameter each

Dimensions Expanded:

  • Kettle height: 3.5 inches
  • Mug height: 3.25 inches


  • Kit: 11 Ounces/ 316 grams
  • Mug: 2.7 Ounces/ 78 grams
Sea to Summit X11 Camp Set
480 millilitre marking (16.2 Oz)


  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Any outdoor adventures


  • Highly portable
  • Heat resistant food grade silicone body
  • Larger capacity mugs than I expected


  • Price
  • Might be easy to burn kettle if flame is turned up too high

MSRP: $64.95

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Overall Impression:

The Sea to Summit X-11 kettle and mug set may not be for everyone, and that’s fine. The X series is made for people who want the ability to feed themselves and others, then stow their gear in smaller spaces. I know many campers, hikers and adventurers who insist on using full size plates, bowls, and pans, that is not how I camp. I enjoy minimalist camping.

If you live or camp out of a full size van, Jeep, or other vehicles like The Loadout Room’s pair of blogging nomads (Leo Jenkins and Marty Skovlund Jr), you can quickly see the advantages of well-built cookware that is easy to clean, and stows easily in any small cooler or tote. I have also begun a van project so I can camp and explore the wilds of Alaska better and admittedly have been watching what works and doesn’t work for our blogging nomads. Leo has been using similar gear for months in Central America with good results.

There are some potentially problematic things to watch with the Sea to Summit kettle (that is included with this kit). Since the kettle does have a food grade silicone body it can melt when subjected directly to flame. It is for this reason that the instructions (printed directly onto the bottom) explicitly warn users.

The hardened 6063-T6 aluminum alloy base is well designed to provide a stable and useful base for the 1.3 Liter kettle. Sea to Summit did provide clear markings on the bottom of kettle in the form of a large black circle that shows the user the maximum flame width. This is in order to prevent the silicone from degrading or melting due to the heat of an open flame.

Sea to Summit X11 Camp Set
Clearly visible markings for flame width

As I’ve said from the first time I handled the Sea to Summit X11 set it isn’t for everyone, but for the right user who is aware of the limitations, it’s a wonderful alternative to carrying full size cups and pots. If you fall into the category of people who want to utilize this technology and are on the fence about whether to purchase it or not, just take the plunge.

The higher than expected price tag can be a stumbling point to some potential users, it was with me initially. Since Leo is not exactly accessible by telephone to quiz on the specifics of the Sea to Summit X Series I went to my local REI outdoor store and played my favorite game of twenty questions with the store clerk.

It was during this question and answer session that I was informed that the X11 set had won several awards. Backpacker Magazine made it the recipient of the Backpacker Magazines Editor’s Choice Award for 2015. The X-11 also was voted Best New Gear 2015 by GearInstitute.Com, an outdoor research and evaluation group composed of professional skiers, mountaineering experts, and product engineers. Lofty awards for a small three-piece kettle and cup set.

Sea to Summit X11 Camp Set
X11 Kit complete in storage position

The final endorsement of the X11 was when the store clerk told me he had a van similar to what I was building and he lived in it most of the summer fishing, hiking, and rafting. He claimed that the X11 and the other pieces of the Sea to Summit X series were a huge benefit to him. It was hard at that point to not pick up the set, and start to plan future Sea to Summit purchases.

Thanks for stopping by The Load Out Room, we hope you enjoyed this look into the Sea to Summit X11 kettle and mug set. The winter season may be upon us but that’s no reason to shut yourself inside and miss out on what can be one of the best times of the year.

Get the right partner, right gear, and get to your adventures. If we can help you in your gear selection or if you have questions on this or any piece of gear we review please use the Comms Check or drop us a line in the comment section.

Rick D.

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