Breathable gloves that are also totally waterproof? Yeah, I had to read it twice as well, but they do exist. The Sealskinz range are renowned for quality and reliability. Any time that I read something that promises to be totally waterproof, the first thing that springs to mind is “we’ll see about that.” I am glad to say this time these gloves are exactly as described: they are waterproof, windproof, breathable and to top it all off the index finger is touchscreen compatible.

Sealskinz DragonEye Glove Quick Look

The palms of the gloves have anti-slip material to provide amazing grip, even in the wettest conditions. Seaslskinz have a technology called Aqua Dynamic Design, which has a micro-porous membrane, meaning your hands stay dry as the sweat is wicked away from the skin. The fingers are pre-curved for greater dexterity.

After wearing and using these gloves, I can tell you that they are one of the few pairs of gloves that genuinely let you carry out all drills with your weapon without fumbling around.

Sealskinz DragonEye Glove Quick Look

Sealskinz DragonEye Glove Quick Look

The one possible weakness the gloves might have is their velcro cuff fastener. I have only had them over a month and there is no sign of wear yet, but I am not be crazy about velcro – I just think it is too unreliable a material to expect any lasting wear from it.

When ordering the gloves be sure to follow the size guide. A few of the guys ordered their normal glove size but they did not fit properly. But credit to Sealskinz – they replaced the gloves without any problems!

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