Yes it’s an iPhone case that costs $220, but it’s the most unique case I’ve seen so far.

Element iPhone case blackopThe Sector 5 Black Ops Elite has a machined G10 back plate and matching knurled G10 side grips made by Hogue. You can get it in two different colors, black or desert tan.

Okay… I know. $220 bucks! Though if you’re an enthusiast this could make some sense. Remember the scenes from Cowboy movies, where they all pull up to a table in a bar and pull their guns out and lay them down so they could settle in for a night of drinking? There was always that one guy who pulled out some pipe-hitting revolver that made everyone nervously look at each other. You could be that guy.

Imagine the scene next time you fill into the conference room. Everyone throws the same old boring phones onto the table, but not you. You toss down your iPhone incased in some hardcore metal frame. Game changer!

Check it: Sector 5 Black Ops Elite