Lock picking is one of those skills I’ve always wanted to develop. It’s also one I put off assuming it was just too hard and not something I had the time to learn. well, sometimes you need to be more easily forced to learn something, or have it offered so conveniently that you’ll just give it a try. I was luckily in the latter situation. When I got my monthly Crate I was pumped to find the Secure Pro Lock Pick kit. Once you have a kit what’s your excuse?

Secure Pro Lock pick Kit: Your gateway to surreptitious entry

A Complete Lock Pick Kit

If you haven’t figured it out I am a beginner to lock picking. That’s great because that is what this kit is aimed at. It’s all the fundamental tools you’ll need to pick up on your new hobby. I’m still learning some the terms, but the kit comes complete with 2 torsion tools, 8 picks and 1 rake. The kit is complete with a handy little pouch to keep things together.

Secure Pro Lock pick Kit: Your gateway to surreptitious entry

The 8 picks include,

  • 5 Hooks of various sizes
  • 1 Half Diamond
  • 1 Gem hook
  • 1 Gonzo Hook

Since I was a beginner I went ahead and bought a training padlock to start practicing. This padlock is made from plastic and clear. It allows you to practice picking and the X Ray look you get inside the lock allows you to better understand how tumblers and shear lines, and torsion tools work. These locks tend to be really easy to pick, and for me they were.

First Timer

On the night I received my lock pick kit I quickly began reading as much as I could on lock picking, watching Youtube videos, and trying to stay off a government list. Once I got my hands on a practice lock I went to town.

This is where the lock pick kit impressed me. With minimal experience I picked my first practice lock is maybe 15 minutes. From there I moved on to a cable lock you’ll find included with most guns and picked it relatively quickly. I finished up with a padlock from a very popular brand. My lock pick kit and I finished it off in about ten minutes.

Secure Pro Lock pick Kit: Your gateway to surreptitious entry

The next morning I went to work on my deadbolt, and couldn’t believe it only took me about ten minutes of focused effort to pick my way through it. This was an eye-opening experience for me, and I had since decided to invest in slightly better locks.

The Essentials

From what I’ve experienced this kit gives you all the fundamentals to handle the majority of locks. It works like any tool kit, you get the basics and build your way into specialty tools. The Secure Pro Lock Pick kit is a great little kit for beginners and is fully functional. I haven’t had the opportunity of need to utilize all the tools, but I plan to keep trying harder and hard locks. I’ve experimented with every tool and really find single pin picking more enjoyable than raking. I like my little hooks most, and Z shaped torsion bar best.

I’m excited to see how fast I can get through locks. I’m getting a little faster every time, and its the kind of hobby you do almost absent mindedly. Sitting at my desk now I must have picked the same padlock a dozen times while writing this, and rereading it. If you aren’t a Crate Club member you’re missing out on an entirely new hobby.

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*Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase