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Securing Silence: Suppressor Compatible Holsters
Alexander Crown

The other day I called Mad Duo Merrill. We were discussing the usual industry gossip like a couple of schoolgirls when I told him I had an idea for an article. He immediately said, “Great. Write whatever you want and I’ll publish it.” I knew Breach Bang Clear was in good hands when he didn’t ask what the topic was for a solid two minutes. But when I finally told him, he seemed disinterested and said he had to get back to his photo shoot on some awesome new product I wasn’t allowed to know about. You’ve changed, man.

At any rate, I wanted to do a mashup discussing various options out there for carrying a suppressed pistol. Several manufacturers offer ways for us to get our inner Bruce Willis from Tears of the Sun on; in reality, these holsters are really for those of us who hunt little critters at night under NODS, and like to be quiet.

First on the docket is the Crye Precision Gun Clip.

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