Versatile Glasses that do it All

With Hackett Equipment’s Tactical Shooting Glasses, you can have one pair of glasses that do it all.  Or you can have a pair of glasses to wear while on duty, a pair of glasses for when riding your motorcycle, a pair of glasses for when shooting on the range, a pair of glasses for when on a road trip or going to the beach.  Pretty soon you’re going to have glasses everywhere except where you can find them and be out a lot of money.

At an M.S.R.P. of just $24.99, Hackett Equipment has come up with solutions for multiple scenarios.  They market these glasses, as tested, to be Tactical Shooting Glasses.  They are suitable for so much more than just shooting glasses though!

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Shooting Glasses

As for shooting glasses, they work great.  The foam backing on the frames absorbs sweat and aid in protecting the eyes from impact as well as protecting from keeping hot brass from falling between your face and the frames.  With four changeable polycarbonate lenses that are anti-fog and UV400 protected, you can be sure to find the right lenses for what you’re doing that day.

With the foam backing on the lenses, you can confidently know that a spent casing won’t be falling between your face and the glasses.  The glasses won’t help you with keeping brass from going down your shirt like this gal though. (We do not endorse nor recommend crossing your thumbs while shooting a semi-automatic pistol. A video for demonstration purposes only.)

All the Bells & Whistles

The shooting glasses come with a mirror, clear, yellow, and grey lenses that are 1.80 mm thick.  No tools or special skills and knowledge are required to change the lenses out.

Retrieve the lenses that you want to exchange from the included case.  Pull down the bottom part of the frame, push the lens from behind near the bridge of the nose, and pull out the lens.  Push the new lens in starting at the bridge of the nose and it’s secured.

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If you’re using the shooting glasses under a ballistic helmet or a motorcycle helmet, simply push a lever on the legs of the glasses and plug in the strap.  Now you’re rolling with goggles that easily fit and hold the glasses securely in place comfortably.

See more with Hackett Equipment’s Tactical Shooting Glasses

When you’re done switching the lenses out or changing from traditional legs to the goggle strap, clean your grubby fingerprints off with the included cleaning cloth.

See more with Hackett Equipment’s Tactical Shooting Glasses

Keep all the toys that come with these great glasses in the included soft case or hard case that easily clips to your gear bag or whatever.  Don’t limit these great glasses to just the range or you’ll be missing out on a pair of glasses that can do it all.

Versatile and Affordable

These glasses feel like a bargain, especially once you unpack everything and see what’s been included.

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