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When the name Remington enters the conversation regarding rifles, a tone of seriousness ensues. Known for its quality and accuracy, Remington has built a reputation around the world as a producer of gold-standard rifles. With the bar set this high, it is always of major interest when a new rifle emerges from the craftsmen at Remington. The latest one to hit the bench is the Remington R10.

Many tactical writers these days would say the R10 is an AR-platform “tack driver.” It delivers a heavyweight punch in a lightweight platform without sacrificing accuracy or durability. The rifle design was conceptualized, redesigned and optimized to create one of the best 7.62mm NATO platforms available. Primarily built for the military and law enforcement markets, the R10 provides a versatile and reliable weapon for duty.

Remington R10: Built For Duty

The R10 is the non-suppressed version of the Remington Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS). In formal terms, the Remington R10 is an advanced, modular, semi-auto, AR-platform carbine designed around the 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester cartridge with dimensions and ergonomics comparable to conventional AR-15 carbines in 5.56mm NATO.

The direct-impingement R10 starts with forged 7075-T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers that have been hardcoat anodized black. The upper features a 16-inch barrel with a 1-in-10-inch twist rate (though other barrel lengths will be available) and is equipped with an Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Blackout muzzle brake. The muzzle features 5/8×24-tpi threading so it’s easy to install other muzzle devices.

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