We may not be able to plan for everything that is uncertain in life, but we are capable of increasing our levels of awareness and preparedness. Economic collapse, storms of biblical proportions, and zombie attacks are not as likely as unfortunate events that happen in our day-to-day existence. There are simple steps we can take to assist us in being prepared for power blackouts, home invasion, and attacks on the street from random dirtbags. — Pat McNamara

After a 22-year career in U.S. Army Special Operations both in the Cold War and the War on Terror, retired Sergeant Major Pat McNamara distills his lifetime of experience in personal security and preparedness into Sentinel: Become the Agent in Charge of Your Own Protection Detail. McNamara’s 145-page book is not a collection of techniques and high-speed how-to’s, but a concise overview of the basics every operator, LEO and, more importantly, civilians can apply to their daily routines.

McNamara begins Sentinel with a humble confession: He’s no longer a high-speed operator executing secret missions for the government. He’s a dad, a civilian and someone more frequently tasked with making PB&Js for his kids than hatching plans to take down terrorists. But this is the essence of Sentinel—applying the fundamental lessons from a lifetime of high-risk operations to the ordinary routines of daily life where the threats, while less frequent, can bring about outcomes no less tragic. With a nod towards the realistic and practical, McNamara makes his case for being one’s own sentinel, and it begins with mindset.

“I am the protector and the protectee. I have a wife and children. It is my responsibility to protect them,” said McNamara in his book. “I am not a bodyguard. I am my family’s Batman. I am the shepherd of my flock. I am Sentinel.”

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