SEREPICK makes urban escape and evasion tools for professionals. The SEREPICK Executive Kit puts their best stuff in a very low profile yet highly versatile package. SEREPICK doesn’t sell to just anyone, but if you meet their criteria, they have great tools at prices that that let you put tools in all your gear.

Burglary Tools” are illegal in most jurisdictions and frowned upon during international travel without proper credentials. If your job requires you to open things and maintain your mobility, you have to be prepared. This kit does the job.

The innocuous leather wallet case isn’t much thicker than a credit card and has three pockets. Inside, you get a Bogota® Titanium Entry Tool set, 2 Key-Style Handcuff Shims and one 70mm Diamond Wire Blade.

Bogota Titan

These tiny multi-purpose aircraft grade Titanium entry tools work like a full lock pick set.  They took me a little while to get used to.  The tension is different than steel tools, with more springiness.  I didn’t like it at first until locks started popping open.  I am pretty heavy handed and these picks helped me lighten up.  They have a limited magnetic footprint and are corrosion resistant. Small, light and covert, the Bogota Titans are effective and there when you need them.

Handcuff Shim


Cops aren’t the only ones who use handcuffs. 1½” Spring Steel Key-Style Shim works most universal handcuffs.


The 70mm diamond wire cutting blade is impregnated with diamond dust.  This tool goes right through stainless steel, iron bars and chains.  If you have the patience, you can cut anything softer than the diamond.

If you are one of the good guys who SEREPICK will sell to, and your employer didn’t show you how to use these tools,  they will train and equip you.  SEREPICK offers 1-4 day training classes in Surreptitious Entry and Restraint Escape for LEO and MIL customers.

Get your SEREPICK Executive Kit for $50.00 from SEREPICK. Government or LEO? Contact them on their website and ask about SerePick’s other products and training.

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