So, mornings suck. Fact. I can scientifically prove it. Do you know that annoying, “Bleep…Bleep…Bleep!” sound your alarm clock makes? That’s because they’re self-censoring. Even the alarm clock is pissed off that it’s awake. Did you hit the snooze button? In five minutes, your alarm clock is cussing you out again. So stop hitting the snooze button, and kick your morning off right with these tricks.

#1 Take a moment when you first wake up to adjust your attitude for the day- If you’re like most people, you spend the first few minutes of your day lying in bed praying that your alarm going off was really just a nightmare. While this technique does have its merits, try this instead: Review what tasks have to get accomplished that day. Prioritize them, and visualize yourself accomplishing them. Take a moment to consciously adjust your attitude for the day. If you start the day off thinking it’s going to suck (which is easy to do when you’re still tired), you’ll spend the next half of your day trying to get out of that mindset. Now think of a time when you woke up knowing you had something really great to look forward to that day. Waking up to the alarm was actually exciting, wasn’t it? So start your day off by actually putting the effort in to get excited to get up and accomplishing the things that you want to get done that day.

(Helpful hint: Schedule something into each day that you’ll look forward to. That makes this a lot easier.)

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